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Executive Team

Sharron Bradley



Sharron Bradley – CEO
direct: (916) 960-0345
Talk to me, the queen bee!







Steele - CED (Chief Executive Dog)
direct: (916) 960-0345







Remi – Executive Dog-In-Training
direct: (916) 960-0345
I chew things.




Mary Frye



Mary Frye - Executive Vice President
direct: (916) 757-1161
Talk to me about EVP stuff!





Lisa Casinger



Lisa Casinger – Government Relations
direct: (916) 757-1167
Talk to me about industry-related government affairs, advocacy and grassroots efforts!



Membership Team

Kaprice Crawford


Kaprice Crawford – Membership Team Leader
direct: (916) 960-0346
Talk to me about membership, programs, and partner relations!




Mike Hill



Mike Hill – Membership Team
direct: (916) 960-0263
Talk to me about gardening and becoming a member!




Eric Malone


Eric Malone – Membership Team
direct: (916) 960-0291
Talk to me about fitness and becoming a member!




Jordan Boyst



Jordan Boyst – Membership Team
direct: (916) 757-1163
Talk to me about handball and becoming a member!




Dianne Therry



Dianne Therry – Membership Team
direct: (916) 757-1164
Talk to me about becoming a member!





Jana Sutherland


Jana Sutherland – Membership Team
direct: (916) 757-1162
Talk to me about the LoneStar State and becoming a member!



Marketing Team

Cindi Williams

Cindi Williams – Marketing & Events Team Leader, RetailerNOW Business Development
direct: (916) 960-0277
Talk to me about ANYTHING!




Kristyn AresonKristyn Areson – Marketing Team, Meetings & Trade Show Coordinator
direct: (916) 757-1168
Talk to me about event logistics, travel and yoga!





Lisa Tilley


Lisa Tilley – Marketing Team, RetailerNOW Creative Director
direct: (916) 960-0349
Talk to me about colors, burritos and RetailerNow!





Tim Timmons


Tim Timmons – Marketing Team, RetailerNOW Team
direct: (916) 757-1165
Talk to me about zombies, fiction writing and RetailerNow!



Michelle Nygaard

Michelle Nygaard – Ad Sales Executive, RetailerNOW
direct: (916) 757-1160



Operations/Tech Team

Jef Spencer



Jef Spencer – Operations/Tech Team Leader
direct: (916) 960-0386
Talk to me about weird food, mustaches and how to get the best things to run your furniture retail business!





Sydnee Seites – Digital Marketing & Web Coordinator
direct: (916) 960-0350
Talk to me about the Internet, pen mawashi and retail technology!




Cindy Gauss



Cindy Gauss – Operations/Tech Team
direct: (916) 757-1166
Talk to me about SQL, email marketing and other membership relations stuff!



Finance Team

Janice Carlson



Janice Carlson – Finance Team Leader
direct: (916) 960-0347
Talk to me about money, money, money!




Melody King



Melody King – Finance Team
direct: (916) 960-2476
Talk to me about soccer and icees!



Nikki Rockwell



Nikki Rockwell – Finance Team
direct: (916) 960-0351
Talk to me about Excel spreadsheets!