The NAHFA staff serves members across North America from our offices in California, Texas and North Carolina.

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Sharron Bradley Mary Frye
Sharron Bradley
direct: (916) 960-0345
Roseville, CA
Mary Frye
Executive Vice President
direct: (916) 757-1161
Dallas, TX
Steele Remi
CED (Chief Executive Dog)
Roseville, CA
Steele is a very shy young man, but he’ll sit on pretty much anything. He’ll even climb on your desk if you let him.
Executive Dog-In-Training
Roseville, CA
Remi is the newest addition to the Bradley clan. She loves to steal important papers from Sharron’s desk and ransack our office trash.


Lisa Casinger BillSimmons
Lisa Casinger
Government Relations Liaison
direct: (916) 757-1167
High Point, NC

Talk to Lisa C. about industry-related government relations, and any issues affecting your business. Lisa works with NAHFA’s lobbyist (pictured right) to provide members information on current and upcoming rules and regulations affecting the home furnishings industry. Check out the government relations section of our website to learn more about the issues we’re watching for our members.
Bill Simmons
Managing Principal
Government Relations
Washington, D.C.

Bill is NAHFA’s lobbyist.

Grayling is a leading Washington, D.C. government affairs firm, and has been NAHFA’s lobbying firm of record since December 2013 (read the press release).




Kaprice Crawford Kaprice Crawford
direct: (800) 422-3778 ext. 102
Roseville, CA
Mike Hill Mike Hill
Membership Team
direct: (800) 422-3778 ext. 103
Roseville, CA
  Sherry Hansen
Membership Team
direct: (800) 422-3778 ext. 104
Roseville, CA
Sherry Hansen
Mike and Sherry Serve Members in the Western Territory:
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Jordan Boyst Jordan Boyst
Membership Team
direct: (800) 422-3778 ext. 301
High Point, NC
  Dianne Therry
Membership Team
direct: (800) 422-3778 ext. 302
High Point, NC
Dianne Therry
Jordan and Dianne Serve Members in the Eastern Territory:
Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Canada & Puerto Rico
Jana Sutherland Jana Sutherland
Membership Team
direct: (800) 422-3778 ext. 202
Dallax, TX
Jana Serves Members in the Southwestern Territory:
Oklahoma & Texas
All Associate Members


Cindi Williams Cindi Williams, CMP
Marketing & Events Team Leader
Director of Sponsorship
Eternal Optimist
direct: (916) 960-0277
Roseville, CA
Tim Timmons Mary Cook
Tim Timmons
NAHFA Marketing Team – Creative
direct: (916) 757-1165
High Point, NC
Mary Cook, CMP
Meetings & Tradeshow Coordinator
direct: (916) 757-1168
Roseville, CA


Lisa Casinger Robert Bell
Lisa Casinger
RetailerNOW Editorial Director
direct: (916) 757-1167
High Point, NC

Grammar nerd, writer, retail advocate, voracious reader, amateur gardener and movie critic. Fueled by coffee and humor. Collects penguins, quotes and dust.
Robert Bell
RetailerNOW Editor
direct: (916) 757-1169
High Point, NC

Robert is an avid writer, begrudging runner, Braves fan, salsa connoisseur (the food, not so much the dance), co-president of Riley & Kate Bell Fan Club (email for membership details.
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Lisa Tilley Michelle Nygaard
Lisa Tilley
RetailerNOW Creative Director
direct: (916) 960-0349
Roseville, CA

Avid runner, skier and reader. Requires espresso, wine and mental engagement daily. Loves all things design. Collects sharpies :)
Michelle Nygaard
RetailerNOW Sales Executive
direct: (916) 757-1160
Roseville, CA

OCD health nut, ever-the-optimist, total people person. Loves traveling and camping, reading, sunbathing (with sunscreen of course!) and movies. Thrives on coffee, laughter, ice cream and lemon drops.


Jef Spencer Jef Spencer
Operations & Tech Team Leader
NAHFA Products Program Director
direct: (916) 960-0386
Roseville, CA
Sydnee Seites Cindy Gauss
Sydnee Seites
Operations & Tech Team
Web Coordinator
direct: (916) 960-0350
Roseville, CA
Cindy Gauss
Operations & Tech Team
Database Manager
direct: (916) 757-1166
High Point, NC


Janice Carlson Janice Carlson
Finance Team Leader
Director of Business
direct: (916) 960-0347
Roseville, CA
Melody King Nikki Rockwell
Melody King
Finance Team
Accounts Receivable
direct: (916) 960-2476
Roseville, CA
Nikki Rockwell
Finance Team
Staff Accountant
direct: (916) 960-0385
Roseville, CA