AHFA Responds to NYT Formaldehyde Article

HIGH POINT, N.C. – May 5, 2015 — The American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) disputes its characterization in the May 4 edition of the New York Times as an organization opposed to a federal formaldehyde standard.

For more than a decade, AHFA and its member companies have supported and been actively involved in the development of formaldehyde emission standards in the United States.

“We supported California’s adoption of the most stringent formaldehyde emission standard in the world, and we have worked closely with EPA officials to help achieve a strong and enforceable federal regulation,” states AHFA CEO Andy Counts.

The Times article reported that opposition from the home furnishings industry delayed and hampered the federal government’s attempt to “control substances known to be harmful to human health.”

“AHFA has consistently worked to help achieve an effective regulatory framework that would provide our industry with reliable mechanisms for demonstrating compliance with emission standards across a vast, global supply chain,” Counts continues. “We provided EPA officials with a technical perspective that helped frame the legislative language in the federal standard – including the requirement for the EPA to develop implementing rules for its standard. The Times characterization of an industry at odds with regulators couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

The Times report also omitted the impact of the 2008 formaldehyde regulation adopted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The regulation phased in restrictions on formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products and, when the final limits were fully in place by 2012, the regulation became the toughest production standard in the world for formaldehyde emissions from wood products. As the “de facto” global standard, consumers nationwide have already realized the benefits of this regulation for seven years.

Counts notes that AHFA’s involvement in the federal formaldehyde regulation has not focused at all on emission limits – which have already been adopted and mirror the CARB standard. Instead, AHFA has focused on proposed improvements that would ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test methods within the enforcement framework and would strengthen accountability within the third-party certification system to ensure non-compliant products do not make their way into the supply chain for furniture manufacturers.

“The Times article missed its mark by about a decade,” Counts points out. “The potential health impacts of formaldehyde were debated 10 years ago. Where we are today is trying to figure out how to achieve accountability and reliability throughout a complex global supply chain.”

AHFA and its member companies have opposed only one aspect of the proposed EPA enforcement scheme – the testing of laminated wood products – based on the fact that such testing will provide no benefit to human health or the environment.

“Research conducted by world-class air quality laboratories demonstrates that finished home furnishings products have a reduced emission profile from that of a composite panel. In fact, laminating composite wood panels reduces the level of formaldehyde emissions in the finished furniture product by at least 80 percent – making additional testing at the finished product level unwarranted,” Counts explains.

CARB took this research into consideration in its decision to exempt laminated products from the testing and certification requirements of raw composite wood products.

The Times article states that the EPA has conducted research that concludes laminated products pose “a particular risk” to consumers. When wood products are laminated “in the final states of manufacturing,” the article states, “the resulting product can generate dangerous levels of fumes from often-used formaldehyde-based glues.”

All available research counters this statement, Counts insists. “UL (Underwriters Laboratories) conducted the research which was made available to and discussed with the Times. The positive impact of laminating on emissions also has been verified and published by agencies such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“In fact, the CPSC’s ‘Update on Formaldehyde’ specifically suggests purchasing furniture or cabinets that contain a high percentage of panel surface and edges that are laminated or coated as a strategy for avoiding exposure to formaldehyde,” Counts adds. “Studies clearly show that a finished piece of furniture has a significantly different emissions profile, and this difference should be considered in the regulatory framework.”

Counts notes that the EPA has the expertise, resources and ability to improve the science of formaldehyde emissions testing and to strengthen the enforcement framework. “These areas are the focus of our attention today,” he concludes.


The American Home Furnishings Alliance, based in High Point, N.C., represents more than 200 leading furniture manufacturers and distributors, plus over 150 suppliers to the furniture industry worldwide.

Patricia Bowling, 336-881-1006

Craftmaster calls on MicroD for site redesign

April 29, 2015

Industry leader and MicroD client since 2009, Craftmaster Furniture calls on MicroD to give their website a fresh, updated look. The redesigned website utilizes the latest in MicroD web technologies and furniture merchandising solutions to entice shoppers and enhance their shopping experience.

April 27, 2015 — Charlotte, NC – MicroD Incorporated, the global leader in integrated online home furnishings merchandising and ecommerce solutions, announces the recent launch of Craftmaster Furniture’s website redesign. The newly updated website, www.cmfurniture.com, uses collage images and clean lines to create a streamlined site showcasing their high-quality, American made living solutions.

According to Manoj Nigam, CEO and President at MicroD, “With this redesigned website, Craftmaster is propelling their website to the next level and leveraging MicroD’s latest web platform to further enhance their cutting-edge site. As web technologies change and improve, we are committed to providing the solid platform, leading edge capabilities and industry expertise that will continue to serve Craftmaster into the future. ”

Craftmaster.com Screenshot Slideshow

Perhaps the most effective update on the MicroD website, is Craftmaster’s new widescreen slideshow, utilizing the full page width to effectively display their furniture solutions. Also noticeable is the room scene slideshow at the top of the category pages showcasing their products through the use of beautiful lifestyle images. In addition, room scene photos within collections are now present, giving the customer a cohesive visual image while browsing. Other notable features include “Finishes” and “Collection” menus, Pinterest and Houzz links, and a “Learn More about Craftmaster” YouTube video. At the bottom of the page there is now a “Company Information” box for customers wanting more information, and external links to partner Paula Deen’s Home Furniture sites.

“We are pleased with the website redesign by MicroD, and once again they have exceeded our expectations with leading design and implementation capabilities. MicroD has captured the Craftmaster brand, by improving the shopping experience” says Roy Calcagne, President/CEO of Craftmaster Furniture.

About Craftmaster Furniture
Craftmaster was founded in 1972 in Taylorsville. It is a subsidiary of Samson Holdings, which also owns case goods resources Universal Furniture and Legacy Classic Furniture. For more information, visit www.cmfurniture.com.

Contact: Mona Nigam
Executive Vice President
Phone: 704-927-3181
Email: monanigam@microdinc.com

Malouf Releases Three New Body Pillows at High Point Market

Malouf Body PillowsLOGAN, Utah – April 17, 2015 — Set to debut at the upcoming High Point market, Malouf will enhance their robust Z pillow lineup with a trio of new body pillows to complement the growing trend of customized sleep solutions. Malouf currently carries more than 200 pillow varieties.

The body pillows feature an ergonomic design that follow the natural contours of the body to help relieve sleeping pains. The shape of each pillow provides comfort for anyone wanting additional body support and are particularly useful for women in need of maternity relief. Each of the new body pillows include a removable bamboo velour cover for easy laundering.

“We’re very excited to officially release our new body pillows at High Point Market,” said Sam Malouf, the chief executive officer of Malouf. “We don’t believe in creating one thing for everyone; nor do we rely on clever marketing to convince two very different people that they’ll be comfortable sleeping on something designed for someone else. Customizing sleep is a big trend right now, and these new body pillows offer a variety of uses to make sleep more comfortable.”

The largest of the new pillows, the Wrap-around, is shaped like the letter C and filled with an ultra-soft, hypoallergenic down-alternative fill. The versatile shape envelops the whole body, aligning the hips and creating soft support under the head, neck, back and belly. It takes the place of up to six standard pillows.

About half the size of the Wrap-around, the Horseshoe pillow’s U-shape design envelops both sides of the body and has the same down-alternative fill. Used under the head, the pillow supports the neck and back. Alternatively, when used under the legs, it helps to align the hips and cradle the belly.

Lastly, the L-shaped Boomerang pillow is made of Malouf’s Gel Dough memory foam and provides support for the head, neck and shoulders to offer comfort for multiple position sleepers. The Gel Dough formula creates a cooler, softer memory foam to help eliminate sleeping pains.

In addition to the body pillows, Malouf will also release its first bed skirt. Created in classic French form, it features boxed corners and a matelassé stitch to create a quilted appearance.

Malouf will also showcase several other products that were released earlier this year but are making a first appearance at High Point. The highly acclaimed Tencel sheets, which played a center-stage role in Malouf’s Las Vegas showroom, offers a smooth hand and regulates humidity and temperature. Malouf will also show its Shredded Gel and Cotton Encased Down Blend pillows.

Malouf’s showroom at High Point Market is located at IHFC Main Street, Suite M633. They will next be showing at their permanent spaces in Tupelo, Las Vegas and New York among other temporary spaces.

Malouf has been innovating, manufacturing, and importing quality bedding products for over 12 years. Malouf’s product lines include Z pillows, WOVEN linens, STRUCTURES frames, SLEEP TITE protectors, and ISOLUS toppers. This comprehensive offering provides retail partners with the tools needed to enhance every mattress sale. Malouf now owns over one million square feet of warehousing space between the east and west coasts, allowing for streamlined shipping logistics and faster transit times. For more information about Malouf, visit http://www.maloufsleep.com.

Press Contact:
Jake Neeley

PROFITsystems Releases Integration with Retail Traffic Counter, DoorCounts

The integration aims to provide home goods retailers with analytics on traffic patterns, staffing levels, and sales effectiveness.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – April 16, 2015 – PROFITsystems, a leading provider of solutions for home furnishings retailers, today announced a new integration with retail traffic counter, DoorCounts. Traffic count data will now be synced into the company’s retail management software, RETAILvantage, to help retailers analyze advertising return on investment, retail store traffic flow, and sales close ratio.

“Our best-performing clients watch their store traffic very closely. RETAILvantage provides traffic reports by day and hour to help them staff effectively as well as inform opportunities to train the sales team and increase sales. Our new integration with DoorCounts will help those furniture retailers leveraging both systems to look at traffic and sales data side by side and make more informed business decisions,” said Janice Johnson, RETAILvantage Product Manager.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with PROFITsystems and integrating our DoorCounts product with RETAILvantage. The synergy will provide a seamless and well supported solution that several top 100 home furnishings and bedding retailers already rely on. With DoorCounts sending accurate traffic data seamlessly into RETAILvantage, we aim to provide the retail industry with a management tool that impacts the bottom line,” said Ron Parton, PMP, Floorboard Partner.

This integration is now available to all PROFITsystems current and new clients on the latest version of RETAILvantage.

About PROFITsystems, a HighJump product
PROFITsystems is a complete retail management solution for the modern home goods retailer. Key components of their solutions for retailers include enterprise software, consulting, performance groups, advanced education, group-buying freight programs, eCommerce and business intelligence. PROFITsystems features real-time inventory management, customer relations management, point-of-sale, and accounting systems. For additional information on PROFITsystems, please visit their website at www.profitsystems.com.

About Floorboard LLC
Floorboard LLC was founded in 2009. Originally inspired to develop DoorCounts to fill a void and meet the standards of a single furniture retail chain. The company continues to expand its suite of integrated solutions for retailers. DoorCounts is a tested and reliable solution used by several top 100 home furnishings and bedding retailers. Hundreds of locations have helped develop a system that helps retailers increase their bottom line by providing accurate traffic counts and sales conversion data. To learn more, visit www.doorcounts.com.

Media Contact
Katie Wolfe
1-800-328-3271 x1186

MicroD Releases OmniPlanner Room Planning Software

April 14, 2015 — Charlotte, NC — MicroD Incorporated, the global leader in integrated online furniture presentation, eCommerce, and web-based furniture merchandising solutions for more than 20 years has released their new industry-changing room planner technology, OmniPlanner. By utilizing advanced software technologies to support many platforms, OmniPlanner promises to revolutionize the way consumers design their spaces.

According to Manoj Nigam, CEO and President of MicroD, “We have continued our focus on bringing productive solutions to the Home Furnishings Industry and are excited to launch this next-generation web-based tool. With eCommerce becoming paramount to success in our industry, online shoppers build their confidence when they see their selections properly fit and arranged into their space. Collaboration between interior designers and their clients is greatly improved with this online visualization tool. We are dedicated to helping our clients seize new opportunities to better engage with consumers, enhance collaboration, and sell more furniture.”

MicroD’s new cloud-based OmniPlanner application requires no software installation. OmniPlanner can be used on Windows and Macintosh PCs, tablets, and smart phones. It easily works with either a mouse or a touch screen. It is responsive and dynamically adjusts to accommodate any screen size. Extensive online help ensures that even novice users quickly become experts. OmniPlanner is the only integrated room planner in the industry that makes it easy to select products while browsing the website and send them to the room planner for placement.

As an integral part of a retailer’s or a manufacturer’s website, OmniPlanner allows consumers and interior designers to easily create the room that they envision and share it with others online. The process begins by creating the room’s walls; then furniture is simply dragged and dropped into place. Doors and windows are easily included to add important details and realism to the plan. A handy undo feature ensures that a misstep is never a serious concern. It is easy to select products from the website and add them to the plan. One can duplicate items, rotate them, and position them appropriately within the room. The plan can be annotated with text and important measurements. Consumers and interior designers can save and print their dream room plans, and share them via email. A complete shopping list is available that lists all the items within the room. To facilitate collaboration, the email that is created includes both an image of the room plus a link that may be used by the recipient to continue editing and refining their own copy of the plan!

Babs Blair Named Director of Leasing at Dallas Market Center

DALLAS – April 6, 2015 – Dallas Market Center today announced industry veteran Babs Blair has been named director of leasing. In her new position, Blair is responsible for overseeing the growing Dallas Temp Show categories of Furniture, Home, and Luxury Home.

“Babs brings extensive experience, strong industry ties and a great understanding of our business,” said Cindy Morris, COO, Dallas Market Center. “Her enthusiasm and genuine passion for customer success will be instrumental as we continue to grow our temporary resources and reinforce our position as the best wholesale marketplace for buyers and exhibitors around the world.”

“Dallas Market Center is a thriving marketplace with tremendous positive momentum, and I am thrilled to be a part of its continuing success and to serve an industry and marketplace I know well,” said Blair.

Blair brings nearly 30 years of experience to Dallas Market Center in business development, prospecting, sales, and business promotion. Her entire career has been devoted to the home furnishings and accents tradeshow industry.

Blair is a marketing management alumna of the University of Mississippi. She has served as co-chair of a committee responsible for the west coast fundraising of the City of Hope, a cancer research and treatment hospital. Together with her husband, they have five sons and eight grandchildren.

The growing Dallas Temp Show offers 24 distinct, easy-to-shop locations spanning more than 500,000 square feet, and is located in high-traffic areas during Total Home & Gift Markets. The expanding product categories offer unmatched buying opportunities from furniture, housewares and holiday to gift, apparel, accessories, and much more – with 93 percent of buyers shopping eight or more categories. The thousands of temporary exhibitors join the more than 1,200 permanent showrooms that call Dallas home.

Nominations are Open for 27th Annual ARTS Awards

New categories and nomination committee process unveiled

DALLAS – April 1, 2015 – ART and Dallas Market Center, co-founder and producer of the ARTS Awards, today announced the call for nominations for the 27th annual ARTS Awards.

The ARTS Awards, presented each January during the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, is the premier international awards program dedicated to home industry excellence and achievement in retailing, manufacturing, design, and sales representation.

“We have exciting changes for this year’s ARTS Awards that will continue to set this program apart as the leading event celebrating the home industry,” said Cindy Morris, COO, Dallas Market Center. “Furniture – Single Store Location and Furniture Store – Multi-Store Location have been added to the Retailer Awards category, as well as a nomination committee who will review and rank the nominations, thus maintaining the integrity of peer nominations and the prestige of the awards. We look forward to the talent that will be represented throughout the ARTS Awards process this year.”

Dallas Market Center and ART also announce the unveiling of a new ARTS Awards webpage with a refreshed layout, mobile optimized content and a detailed outline of the ARTS Awards process.

Now in its 27th year, the ARTS Awards program seeks to recognize and promote home industry leaders and professionals. In a peer nomination program, industry professionals nominate retailers, manufacturers, designers and sales representatives to compete for the highest honor in the business. Nominations are received online at dallasmarketcenter.com/artsawards from April 1 through June 30, and winners are revealed during a gala event on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. Neither membership in ART nor representation at Dallas Market Center is necessary to nominate or to be a nominee.

The 27th Annual ARTS Awards categories are:

Manufacturer Awards
Accent Furniture, Area Rugs, Home Accents, Home Textiles, Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor Living, Tabletop and Wall Decor

Retailer Awards
Furniture Store- Single Store Location, Furniture Store- Multi-Store Locations, Home Accent Store, International Retailer, Lighting Showroom and Outdoor Lifestyle Store

Specialty Awards
Academy of Achievement, Green Award, Interior Designer, Product Designer, Rising Star and Sales Representative

The 27th annual ARTS Awards are sponsored by enLIGHTenment, FANDECK, Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Giftware News, HFN, Home Accents Today, Home Fashion Forecast, Home & Textiles Today, Lyon Credit Services, Residential Lighting and the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

About Dallas Market Center
Founded in 1957, Dallas Market Center is the world’s most complete wholesale marketplace. Within its marketplace of more than five million square feet, retailers from around the globe source products ranging from home furnishings, gifts, decorative accessories and lighting to textiles, fashion accessories and men’s, western, women’s and children’s apparel. With more than 50 markets each year attended by more than 200,000 retail buyers from all 50 states and 85 countries, Dallas Market Center offers hundreds of events and seminars geared toward helping retailers expand business and increase profits. The Dallas Market Center website is available at dallasmarketcenter.com

About ART
ART is the creative home furnishings network representing manufacturers, retailers, representatives and other individuals and companies interested in promoting and enhancing the market position of the home furnishings industry. Each year ART sponsors programs such as the ART conference, regional educational seminars, the ART card and the ARTS Awards. The ART website is available at www.accessoriesresourceteam.org.

About the ARTS Awards
The ARTS Awards is the premier international awards program dedicated to the home industry. Up to 27 categories exist under the headings Manufacturer, Retailer, Product Designer, Interior Designer, Sales Representative, Rising Star, Green and Academy of Achievement. Anyone in the industry can nominate including manufacturers, retailers, sales representatives, designers, suppliers, consultants and other industry officials. Academy of Achievement and Rising Star honorees are selected by an ARTS Awards committee each year. Companies that have won an ARTS Award five times are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame members are: BJ’s Home Accents, C.S. Wo & Sons, Distinctive Designs International Inc., Feizy Rugs, Fine Art Lamps, Global Views, Montaage, Natural Decorations Inc., Palecek, Paragon, Robb & Stucky and Schonbek Worldwide Lighting.

Surya sets High Point Market events

Above: Martin Roberts of Martin Roberts Design, LLC, and Carolyn Ames Noble of Sherwin-Williams

CALHOUN, Ga. — March 31, 2015 —Surya will host several educational and social events at its flagship showroom – Showplace 4100 – during this spring’s High Point Market. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest color and design trends, including key color stories for 2015, as well as gain valuable insights from retail marketing expert and design industry veteran Martin Roberts as he provides tips on designing compelling retail environments and building a strong brand identity to more effectively engage consumers. Surya will also hold a showroom celebration to kick off the spring season in style.

Scheduled events include:

  • Colormix™ 2015 – Optimistic Odyssey | Saturday, April 18 @ 10 a.m.
    Carolyn Ames Noble of Sherwin-Williams will present stimulating imagery, statistics and research supporting the 2015 forecast for color and design trends. Attendees will explore the drivers influencing future trends, including global, technological, historic, psychological and economic factors, while learning more about this year’s four dominant color stories. (eligible for 0.1 CEU credit)
  • Spring Market Celebration | Sunday, April 19 @ 6 p.m.
    Market attendees are invited to join Surya for an evening of celebration to usher in the spring season. Complimentary cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and desserts will be provided as market goers mingle, explore Surya’s latest introductions and dance to an energetic mix of DJ-spun tunes.
  • Upside Downsizing – How to capture mature, well-heeled consumers via compelling visual merchandising and engaging environments | Monday, April 20 @ 10 a.m.
    The Millennial Generation is upon us, but so are their parents. Internationally-acclaimed retail marketing expert and brand strategist Martin Roberts will present an eye-opening look at the needs and desires of the new “Because I’m Worth It” consumer and share tips for connecting with this valuable demographic through impactful visual merchandising and branding.
  • Complimentary hot catered breakfast and lunch | Daily from 8 – 10 a.m.; 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails | Daily from 4 – 8 p.m.

“At Surya, we are always looking for ways to help designers and retailers build a successful home accessories business,” said Satya Tiwari, president, Surya. “And education is a key part of this effort. We are excited to be able to offer market attendees the chance to hear from esteemed industry thought leaders on the latest color and design trends along with novel ways to reach and influence the more seasoned consumer. We look forward to seeing many faces, both familiar and new, at these informative events.”

Surya’s showroom at Showplace 4100 will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during market. Market visitors who pre-register for an appointment with their Surya rep at www.surya.com/market-registration by Friday, April 10 and honor their appointment are eligible to receive 10% off of their market order (no minimum).

Media Contact:
Kathleen Bowley
706.625.4823 ext. 213

Surya to Debut Rug Line by North Carolina Landscape Artist William Mangum

CALHOUN, Ga. — March 17, 2015 — Surya will launch at April’s High Point Market three rug collections from William Mangum, a nationally- and internationally-acclaimed artist who – for more than 35 years – has captured in his paintings the essence of the American landscape.

From the aura and textures of the Blue Ridge Mountains to sparkling, windswept shorelines, Mangum’s rug designs artfully infuse elements of the natural world into living spaces to create inspired tapestries that celebrate the lives of the inhabitants.

  • Artisan – Overscaled fern and pine motifs are brought to life in this outdoor safe collection of hand-hooked rugs featuring tonal hues in a natural palette.
  • Essential – Hand-woven jute and colors of earth blend harmoniously in this textural collection, echoing the rugged beauty of the ever-changing landscape.
  • Remarque – Impressions of sand and water kissed by dappled sunlight evoke a sense of gentle movement in this collection of hand-knotted wool rugs with viscose accents.

“My goal as an artist is [to] help people to become astute observers of the world around them, to encourage them to pause and appreciate nature’s inherent ability to shape our mood and comfort levels,” said William Mangum, artist. “With these new rug collections for Surya, I wanted to provide an accessible way for people to bring the beauty of the outdoors into their home environments while also complementing the latest home decor and fashion trends. The Surya team has been a great partner in translating my artistic vision into timeless, handcrafted rugs that provide the perfect canvas upon which individuals can express their unique style.”

“As a lifelong student of nature, Bill Mangum possesses the rare ability to see beyond the surface of the landscape to capture its intrinsic beauty in a way that really speaks to the viewer,” said Satya Tiwari, president, Surya. “Likewise, at Surya, we are always looking beyond what has been done before to find new and different ways to bring inspired design into the home. Working with Bill is a natural fit as we continue to expand our product portfolio to reflect diverse styles and themes, and we are excited to share these new collections with our customers.”

Market attendees are invited to explore William Mangum’s rug collections at Surya’s flagship showroom – Showplace 4100 – which will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Surya is also hosting several educational and social events and will serve a complimentary catered breakfast and lunch each day, along with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails each evening.

Click here to view high res images of some of the new introductions.

About Surya
Surya is the premier one-stop source for coordinating home accessories for a broad range of lifestyles and budgets. An expert at translating the latest apparel and interior design trends, Surya artfully combines color, pattern and texture to offer more than 30,000 fashion forward products, including rugs, pillows, throws, wall decor, accent furniture, lighting, decorative accents and bedding. The brand also provides innovative display, merchandising and training solutions to support retailers in successfully promoting and selling home accessories. Surya has showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, High Point, Las Vegas, New Delhi and Toronto. To learn more, visit www.surya.com.

About William Mangum
With a career that has spanned more than 35 years and over 3,000 paintings to his credit, North Carolina native William (“Bill”) Mangum is recognized as the state’s foremost landscape artist. A recipient of both national and international awards, his work is the subject of eight coffee table books and two films that pay tribute to his keen eye for detail and masterful painting of diverse landscapes ranging from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Outer Banks. Bill has brought his artistry to the furniture industry in the “Artist Inspired Home Collection – CAROLINA PRESERVES” by Klaussner Home Furnishings, which has become one of the industry’s most successful furniture collections, and he has most recently created an inspired rug collection for home accessories provider Surya. This philanthropically minded designer has raised more than five million dollars through his annual “Honor Card” program, assisting outreach agencies aiding the homeless across North Carolina. To learn more, visit www.williammangum.com.

Media Contact:
Kathleen Bowley
706.625.4823 ext. 213

Klaussner Outdoor Partners with MicroD to Launch Outdoor Living Website

Klaussner OutdoorKlaussner Outdoor takes consumers to the next level with their newest line of customizable outdoor furnishings. A leader in the furniture industry and MicroD partner since 2006, Klaussner provides comfort, style, and durability, as well as quick delivery and exceptional customer service. The new Klaussner Outdoor website delivers easy navigation and practical shopping tools that today’s consumers demand.

March 13, 2015 — Charlotte, NC – MicroD Incorporated, the global leader in integrated online home furnishings merchandising and ecommerce solutions, announces the recent launch of Klaussner Home Furnishings’ new outdoor living website. The all-new site, www.klaussneroutdoor.com, combines colorful images with clean lines to create a user-friendly website showcasing the versatility and durability of Klaussner’s customizable outdoor living solutions.

According to Manoj Nigam, CEO and President at MicroD, “We applaud Klaussner Outdoor for their industry leadership in engaging consumers and taking outdoor living solutions to the next level, offering the customization option so many desire. From every perspective, Klaussner Outdoor raises the bar for all outdoor furniture manufacturers.”

The MicroD website allows consumers to utilize the draping feature to customize the product seat and back cushions as well as accent pillows to suit their tastes. Klaussner Outdoor provides product information and product care instructions specific to outdoor merchandise, and consumers wanting to purchase their products can use the “Find a Dealer” feature that will list only those stores carrying the outdoor line. For consumers who want to be “in the know” when it comes to all things Klaussner, there is a “News” page and a “Q&A” page for common inquiries.

Klaussner Outdoor Laurel Sofa Customze Screeshot

A screenshot showing the customize feature on the Laurel Sofa. Customers can select which option or area to customize and then click available color/pattern options to see what the product looks like.

According to Gary McCray, President at Klaussner Outdoor, “As a visionary in home furnishing solutions, we wanted our new outdoor living website to effectively represent our brand and showcase our products for consumers. We selected MicroD for the launch of our new outdoor living website because of the positive relationship we have built through many years of partnership.In 2011, MicroD successfully launched our corporate site, and we have complete confidence in their online software and expert designers and developers.”

About Klaussner Home Furnishings
Headquartered in Asheboro, North Carolina, Klaussner Home Furnishings has showrooms in High Point, Las Vegas, and Chicago. As the leading solutions provider for the home furnishings industry, Klaussner’s breadth of product is unrivaled and its service is unparalleled with guaranteed delivery of its domestic products in 21 days or less. Its comprehensive selection and divisions include: Domestic Upholstery, Imported Upholstery, Domestic Motion, Case Goods, Enso Sleep Systems, Comfort Design, and Klaussner Outdoor.

About MicroD
More than 85% of the top 100 furniture retailers and brands trust their online efforts to MicroD. Nearly 2,500 solutions are in use by furniture retailers, suppliers and manufacturers throughout the United States and Europe. More than 650 manufacturers are connected through EXIM Commerce™ to exchange close to 100,000 EDI documents each day with leading retailers. For more information, visit www.MicroDinc.com.