Building Relationships with Legislators

The most effective lobbying efforts are those built on the personal relationships between individuals and the elected officials who represent them. Do you have a relationship with your legislators? Are you willing to contact them on matters of importance to your business and the home furnishings industry?

If you’re a member and want to add your voice to the grassroots efforts of the Home Furnishings Association, please fill out the form below and send it to our government relations liaison, or fax it to 336.801.6102.

We’ll only use this information when we need to rally or inform legislators on proposed bills or regulations that could impact our industry.

Please enter the names of your Senators and Representative below and check one or more of the appropriate relationship codes in the list under each of the individuals listed.


  1. U.S. Senator/Representative is a good friend who knows me on a first-name basis.
  2. I was personally active in a recent political campaign.
  3. I made a financial contribution to the official’s recent campaign.
  4. Senator/Representative is a customer.
  5. We are residential neighbors.
  1. I called or visited the Washington office in the past two years.
  2. We belong to the same civic, social, or religious organizations.
  3. I sent an email on a business issue in the past two years.

Other (Briefly explain in the form)