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We offer customized packages and services that save you time and money. The bottom line is your bottom line. Value is subjective, so personalization is key. Your needs are not the same as your neighbor down the street or the guy in the next state.

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Advertising & Marketing
Finance & Banking
Freight & Logistics
Government Relations

Government relations are a critical part of doing business. It’s not just about politics—it’s about the issues that can and will impact the home furnishings industry. Our team of retail volunteers and staff work closely with our Washington D.C. counsel and industry and national associations and organizations to bring you the up-to-the-minute information on legislation and regulation, both on a state and federal level.

GA-icon-400pxWe do the research, gather the information, and monitor the issues so we can keep you well-informed and prepared to take action when needed. As members you’ll receive the benefit of timely information tailored to our industry and recommendations on how to respond—whether it’s making a simple phone call to your representative or taking a more active role by joining our Government Relations Action Team.


Human Resources
Publications & Manuals

What Comes Free with Your Membership

NAHFA Members receive the following FREE services:


  • Retail Software Systems Comparison
  • Internship Guide
  • NAHFA’s Membership Directory – Source Book
  • Truth In Advertising Guidelines
  • Fashion a Career in the Home Furnishings Industry (first 50 copies free)
  • Workers’ Compensation Safety Tip Brochures

Education & Networking Opportunities

  • All Industry Parties/Networking Opportunities
  • Seminars at the Las Vegas Market and High Point Market

Membership Also Includes

  • Access to a dedicated Retailer to Retailer Network
  • Full access to NAHFA website
  • Human Resource Legal Advice
  • Safety Advice and Information
  • Governmental Affairs Representation
  • Membership Binder detailing over 50 programs & services available

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