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We offer customized packages and services that save you time and money. The bottom line is your bottom line. Value is subjective, so personalization is key. Your needs are not the same as your neighbor down the street or the guy in the next state.

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Advertising & Marketing Listing

Expand your online presence and reach a larger consumer audience with, a consumer website geared to inform and educate customers in all phases of the home furnishings purchase process.
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In-store Messaging & Music

Create a customized radio station for your store! Retail Radio creates a customized radio station for your business that is designed to target your specific consumer.
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Truck Signage

Transform your trucks into your own rolling billboards with the HFA mobile vehicle marketing program. The TruckSkin® changeable advertising panel system allows you to create exciting, changeable promotions and increase profits.
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Finance & Banking

Bankcard Processing

What are you really paying for merchant card processing? Receive a free, no-obligation statement analysis that shows exactly how much you are paying for your current processing. Our member program offers two pricing options—Interchange Plus Pricing or Tiered Pricing—through Chase Paymentech or Trekstone Financial.
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Check Processing Solutions

Increase sales and cash flow with reduced risk. HFA has partnered with CrossCheck, Inc., a leading provider of affordable check guarantee, approval and conversion services.
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In-store Financing

HFA members have access to low everyday rates through our program with Synchrony Financial. Enjoy preferred rates, open-to-buy reports & consumer sweepstakes, consumer spending data, exclusive holiday specials & Association-sponsored buy-downs, volume rebates back to you and more.
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Secondary & Alternative Financing

Eliminate the inefficient, frustrating, and embarrassing way consumers apply for retail financing in the store. Our program with Versatile Credit gives you access to over 20 lending partners covering all credit tiers in a unified application process to achieve a higher approval rate. More credit applications. More approvals. More sales.
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Freight & Logistics

HFA Shipping Program with PartnerShip

Members can use our free Shipping Program with PartnerShip to save on every shipment sent and received—around the corner, around the country or around the world—with world-class carriers and phenomenal customer service professionals.
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Government Relations

Government relations are a critical part of doing business. It’s not just about politics—it’s about the issues that can and will impact the home furnishings industry. Our team of retail volunteers and staff work closely with our Washington D.C. counsel and industry and national associations and organizations to bring you the up-to-the-minute information on legislation and regulation, both on a state and federal level.

NAHFA Government Relations IconWe do the research, gather the information, and monitor the issues so we can keep you well-informed and prepared to take action when needed. As members you’ll receive the benefit of timely information tailored to our industry and recommendations on how to respond—whether it’s making a simple phone call to your representative or taking a more active role by joining our Government Relations Action Team.


Human Resources

Federal & State Labor Law Posters

Each year federal and state employee laws change. Avoid fines and penalties with the HFA Space Saver Poster. When you purchase your Space Saver I Poster through HFA, you will automatically receive compliance subscription service for 12 months from your date of purchase.
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Human Resources & Legal Advice

HFA has paid a large retainer, on your behalf, to The American Consulting Group. This free service makes The American Consulting Group your valuable partner in solving human resource and employer issues, and it will not cost you a cent.
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Employee Discount Ticket Program

Reward your employees for all their hard work in building those important customer relationships and moving your merchandise. Let them know you care and create employee loyalty and commitment by enrolling in our employee rewards program through Working Advantage.
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Business Insurance

HFA has partnered with Association Insurance Services to develop the only Home Furnishings Industry Business Insurance Package Program through an existing industry partnership with The Hartford.
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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

With HFA’s employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) available through Association Insurance Services, members could save thousands on potential claims. Save on claims such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual and racial harassment, wrongful deprivation of career opportunity, and breach of oral and written contracts.
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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

With national brokers at your service, you will receive competitive workers’ compensation insurance quotes from a variety of “A” rated carriers such as: Fireman’s Fund, Safeco, Golden Eagle, CNA and more.
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Health Insurance

Our association-style health insurance program enables retailers throughout the country to participate in a larger group “pooled” environment. This is not a cookie cutter approach where one plan fits all. Your business has unique needs and we can tailor the coverage to fit your needs.
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Prescription Drug Saver Cards

You and your employees can save money on many popular prescription drugs with the RX Saver Card program. This card is free for all HFA members, and allows you to receive discounts on many FDA approved brand name and prescription drugs.
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Office Depot Office Supplies

HFA has joined over 600 organizations across the country combining their purchasing power to create the National Commerce Group Discount Program making this Office Depot program have the deepest discounts possible.
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Sherwin-Williams Paint

Need To Redesign or Touch-Up? Get the HFA Discount. HFA members receive national account prices plus an additional 20 percent on all Sherwin-Williams manufactured paints.
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Aramark Workplace Apparel

HFA’s partnership with ARAMARK provides you with employee clothing and apparel that supports various functions within your business at special member pricing. Choose from two discounted programs.
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Cloud-based Business Phone System

Don’t overpay for your business phone system. Crexendo has developed an entire cloud platform that offers you a feature-rich system, at one low monthly cost, and no up-front capital expense. Whether you want to boost your bottom line or simply make your business more efficient, don’t be limited by your phone system’s capabilities. Switch to a phone solution that scales at the speed of your business.
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Publications & Manuals


RetailerNOW is your official industry trade publication. Written for, by and about the progressive leaders in the home furnishings industry, RetailerNOW seeks to elevate and inspire our industry to think beyond traditional boundaries and expand conversations to create the vision that will shape our future.
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Retail Software Systems Survey

HFA puts together a side-by-side comparison of the top industry POS providers each year, and offers it to members at no cost.
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Retail Performance Report

For the first time in eight years the Home Furnishings Association, along with PROFITsystems, has conducted an industry-wide retail performance survey. We did this to help educate furniture retailers on key performance indicators so you can benchmark yourselves and set the stage for improvement in your stores. The 2015 HFA Retail Performance Report releases the exact results of the average and top performers. The report also explains many detailed industry key performance indicators.
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California Truth in Advertising

HFA and the Consumer Federation of California joined together to create California Truth in Advertising Guidelines. This booklet is designed to assist California retailers in adhering to California advertising laws and regulations.
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Internship Guide

Internship programs can provide your company with a competitive advantage by identifying, attracting and securing the best and brightest talent before the competition finds them. HFA has created this full-service guide that will walk you through the steps necessary to create a successful internship program in your store, plus provide college listing and contacts in 10 western states.
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What Comes Free with Your Membership

HFA Members receive the following FREE services:


  • Retail Software Systems Comparison
  • Internship Guide
  • HFA’s Membership Directory – Source Book
  • Truth In Advertising Guidelines
  • Fashion a Career in the Home Furnishings Industry (first 50 copies free)
  • Workers’ Compensation Safety Tip Brochures

Education & Networking Opportunities

  • All Industry Parties/Networking Opportunities
  • Seminars at the Las Vegas Market and High Point Market

Membership Also Includes

  • Access to a dedicated Retailer to Retailer Network
  • Full access to HFA website
  • Human Resource Legal Advice
  • Safety Advice and Information
  • Governmental Affairs Representation
  • Membership Binder detailing over 50 programs & services available

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