Bankcard Processing

What are you really paying for merchant card processing?

NAHFA’s bankcard processing program offers the lowest rates in the industry.

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Trekstone Financial

How it Works:
Put your membership to work and receive a free no-obligation statement analysis that shows exactly how much you are paying for your current processing. This analysis will uncover any hidden fees and costs that interfere with your potential profits. Our rates are superior when compared to low rates with many fees that may not be disclosed up front. These savings can more than pay for your membership!

Why it Works–Program Simplicity:

  • Straightforward interchange plus pricing with no conversion or set-up fees
  • FREE Equipment
  • Only pay for the types of cards you receive
  • Deposit into your own bank
  • No minimum volume required
  • Next Day Funding available
  • NO Contracts
  • Quick, seamless transition with no interruption in business

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