Federal & State Labor Law Posters

Avoid Fines & Penalties

Each year federal and state employee laws change. The NAHFA Space Saver Poster is only $39.95 for members and has all federal and state labor laws on one compact 38” by 24” poster. This poster is long-lasting, printed with fade-resistant inks and laminated. The posters are registered with the Library of Congress and will help you prevent fines of up to $17,000.

When you purchase your Space Saver I Poster through NAHFA, you will automatically receive compliance subscription service for 12 months from your date of purchase. With this service you will automatically receive updated panels to affix to your Labor Law Poster every time a change occurs (state or federal).

Plus, your poster’s serial number will be registered to show you are displaying the most up-to-date information. Now there is no need to worry if you are in compliance!

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