Secondary Financing

NewComLinkToday, approximately 220 million consumer credit applications are reviewed each year and about 50% are declined.

That’s 110 Million Lost Opportunities and 110 Million Unhappy Customers!

Turn those unhappy shoppers into loyal customers by enhancing your lending program with the NewComLink financing platform.

NewComLink offers a marketplace of financial products, providing retailers the ability to seamlessly match a customer to a payment option in real time at the point of sale.  This produces a positive interaction with more customers and captures sales that would have been lost.

By using NewComLink’s innovative multi-lender platform you can:

  • Instantly match applicants with the best fit financing option when they need it
  • Easily access and present financing products from multiple devices including, point-of-sale and merchant portal
  • Prescreen customers in real time creating a positive experience
  • Seamlessly integrate with current systems and store processes
  • Only one credit hit for the customer
  • Increase your finance approval rates to 70%, 80% or higher

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